what does a potter do

What Does a Potter Do? A Day in the Life of a Potter

If you like making things out of clay, you may have thought about honing your skill and becoming a potter.  But what does a potter do?  And what is their working life like day-to-day?  Here is all you need to know about the work and life of a potter.  And what you can expect if…

pottery for beginners

Pottery for Beginners – How to Start Making Pottery at Home

Pottery for beginners can be very exciting.  It can also feel a bit overwhelming.  It can seem like there is a lot to learn.  And like most hobby’s, the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.  But pottery is really just about making things out of mud!  All you really need to…

what is anna pottery

What is Anna Pottery? – Pigs, Snakes and Other Reptiles

You may be a pottery enthusiast or, better yet, an antique collector. At one point in your endeavors, you might have come across the term Anna pottery and wondered, “what is Anna pottery?”. Well, worry not. This article will provide a description of what Anna pottery is all about. Anna pottery is stoneware from Anna,…

how to make pottery at home

How to Make Pottery at Home – A Beginners Guide

When I started to make pottery from home, I really just made it up as I went along.  On route, I encountered a few practical issues that I had not anticipated.  So, I thought it would be helpful to write a simple guide on how to make pottery at home.  To help you avoid some…

How to find a pottery firing service near me

10 Easy Ways to Find a Pottery Firing Service Near Me

Kilns are expensive and take up space.  If you are new to pottery, you may not want to invest in a kiln yet.  And you may have wondered ‘how do I find a pottery firing service near me?’  It can take a bit of investigation to find a local pottery firing service. However, it’s likely…

How to make pottery without wrist pain

How to Make Pottery Without Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can sabotage your pottery work. Here are some simple and effective changes to your technique that may help you carry on potting.

how long does it take for pottery clay to dry

How Long Does it Take for Pottery Clay to Dry?

For many years I focussed on sculpture, and I cast most of those pieces in plaster rather than firing them.  And when I started to make pottery again, I wondered, how long does it take for pottery clay to dry?  So, I did a bit of research and a lot of trial and error, this…

Grog in a clay pot

What is Grog in Pottery?

If you have heard potters talking about grogged clay, it may have left you thinking about a festive alcoholic drink.  This is not however what is meant in the world of ceramics.  So, what is grog in pottery? Grog is a granular material that is added to pottery to give the clay useful properties for…

hy does pottery explode in the kiln

Why does Pottery Explode in The Kiln? – Avoid Explosions

Many potters have had the disappointing experience at least once of their pottery exploding in the kiln.  The beauty of pottery is that you can get some very unexpectedly wonderful results.  However, a nerve-wracking array of things can go wrong with pottery once you hand it over to the kiln of fate.  So, exactly why…

The difference between ceramics and pottery

What is the Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics?

The number of different terms in the pottery world can feel overwhelming, so I wanted to start out by looking at the question what is the difference between pottery and ceramics? Ceramics are made out of inorganic and non-metallic substances that become insoluble when heated.  Unlike pottery, not all ceramics are made of clay.  Also,…