Hand Building

  • Clay vase ideas

    3 Clay Vase Ideas & Free Printable Slab Vase Templates

    Making a clay vase is a fun project and they can become the centerpiece in a room.  These three clay vase ideas are easy to make and can look lovely.  Plus, they are made from printable slab templates which makes it easier to produce a well-proportioned piece. Clay Vase Ideas Using the Slab Technique Let’s…

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  • Colored nerikomi pottery plate

    Nerikomi Pottery – 3 Easy Techniques With Pictures

    Nerikomi pottery is a particular way of working with colored clay to create striking patterns.  In this article, we will look at 3 simple ways to create beautiful Nerikomi patterns. One technique I will cover is how I make Nerikomi plates, which you can watch in my video here.. What is Nerikomi Pottery?  Nerikomi pottery is…

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  • Making magic water for pottery

    Magic Water for Pottery – How to Make It and Use It

    Joining pieces of clay can be tricky.  Clay seams can split or crack as the clay dries or is fired and handles can separate.  Luckily there are a number of things you can do to prevent this from happening.  A simple way to avoid cracked joints in clay is to make some magic water for…

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  • how to make a ceramic slab box

    How to Make a Ceramic Slab Box – A Step-by-Step Guide

    This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to make a ceramic slab box.  Once you have learned the process below you can adapt it to make boxes in any shape, size, and design.  In this guide, I will cover how to make a simple slab box, and a textured slab box too.  This is…

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  • what is slip and score in pottery

    What is ‘Slip and Score’ in Pottery – And How is it Done?

    If you have started making pottery, sooner or later you will need to join two pieces of clay together.  Maybe you need to attach a handle to a mug or join two slabs of clay.  The best way to achieve a secure bond between separate pieces of clay is the ‘slip and score’ method of…

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  • how to make a ceramic clock

    How to Make a Ceramic Clock – A Timeless Clay Project

    Making a clock that works accurately and looks nice may seem tricky, but DIY clocks are actually very simple.  I love working with clay slabs, so, making ceramic clocks is ideal for me.  It appeals to the precision nerd in me, and I get to work with clay slabs.  Here is a step-by-step guide on…

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  • how to keep clay flat and stop warping

    How to Keep Clay Flat – 16 Ways to Avoid Warping

    Flat pieces of clay, are prone to losing their shape and curling up when they dry or when they are fired.  This can happen regardless of whether they are large or small.  And it can happen to hand-built or wheel-thrown pieces.  So how do you keep clay flat once it’s been formed? You can help…

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  • making slab pottery

    Slab Pottery Ideas – 27 Amazing Projects to Try Out

    Slab pottery is very versatile.  Slabs can be used for anything from dainty ceramic earrings to huge garden planters.  So, I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite slab pottery ideas.  I hope you find these projects as inspiring as I do. Slab Pottery Ideas I’m aiming below to give you an overview…

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  • hand building pottery

    Hand Building Pottery – 4 Easy Techniques

    The beauty of hand building pottery is that you can get started without having to fork out for a lot of costly pottery equipment.  It helps to have some basic tools but you can improvise with most of these and use items you have around your home. The other appeal of hand built pottery is…

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  • How to make slab plates

    Slab Plates – 3 Easy Ways to Make Ceramic Slab Plates

    Slab plates are easy and very satisfying to make.  This is a simple step-by-step guide on my 3 favorite ways of making slab plates.  These are straightforward techniques and you will be able to make your plates at home with ease. The three techniques that I will be looking at are: Each of these requires…

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  • what is a slab roller

    What is a Slab Roller? Everything You Need to Know

    There are lots of different ways to make nice even smooth clay slabs for slab pottery.  One way to make a slab is to use a slab roller.  But what is a slab roller?  And how does it work? A slab roller is a piece of equipment, that makes large slabs of clay easily.  Clay…

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  • hard slab pottery

    Hard Slab Pottery – Tips on Stiff Slab Construction

    If you’re starting to learn about slab pottery, you may have come across the term ‘hard slab pottery’ and wondered what it is.   Slab pottery can be made when the clay slab is still soft and flexible.  This is soft slab construction.  Or it can be made when the clay slab has been left to…

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