underglaze flaking

Underglaze Flaking, Cracking and Peeling – Top Solutions

I love using underglaze, and for the most part, I find it very versatile and reliable.  However, just occasionally, I have had an issue with underglaze flaking, cracking, and peeling.  So, I went on a mission to find out why this was happening, and this is what I have discovered… The most common cause of…

painting mugs

Painting Mugs – 11 Amazing Ways to Paint Your Own Mug

Painting mugs is a great way to personalize gifts.  It can be a great way to express your creativity, whatever your age.  And it’s a fun way to keep children entertained when they are at a loose end.  There are lots of different ways to paint your own mugs.  But if it’s not something you’ve…

mixing underglaze colors

Mixing Underglazes – What Can You Mix with Underglaze?

Over time I have collected a wide range of underglaze colors and brands.  Nevertheless, I still sometimes find that don’t have the exact color I want.  And I found myself wondering about mixing underglazes.  Questions came up for me like whether you can mix underglaze colors?  What about mixing different brands of underglaze?  And can…

underglaze on top of glaze

Can You Use Underglaze on Top of Glaze – Does it Work?

Underglaze is pretty versatile.  There are a seemingly limitless number of underglaze techniques.  If you have been experimenting with underglaze you may have wondered if you can use underglaze on top of glaze.  Faced with some glazed pottery that I wasn’t happy with I found myself wondering the same thing.  And this is what I…

Airbrushing Underglaze onto pottery

Airbrushing Underglaze onto Pottery – Top Techniques

Airbrushing underglaze is very versatile.  You can use it to create sharp lines, shadows and blended gradients. I wanted to know more about how to airbrush underglaze, so I did some research and tried it out.  Like most pottery techniques it takes practice, but with some trial and error, this is what I found out….

The difference between slip and underglaze

What Is The Difference Between Slip and Underglaze? The Facts

There are many terms in the world of pottery, and if you’re brand new to it, this can prove to be confusing. Slip and underglaze may seem similar on the surface, but you will find they are used in different ways.  This may have left you wondering, what is the difference between slip and underglaze?…

underglaze smudging and bleeding

Underglaze Smudging and Bleeding – How To Prevent It

Underglaze decoration is incredibly versatile and when combined with a clear glaze can create beautiful results.  I have found that after applying underglaze with painstaking care, it can smudge and run easily.  So, I decided to find out if there was a way I could stop underglaze smudging.   This is what I found out…….

underglaze techniques

Underglaze Techniques – 16 Exciting Ways to Use Underglaze

If you are new to making your own pottery, you may have been wondering about different ways to use underglaze. Underglaze is an incredibly versatile way of decorating clay.  There are many amazing underglaze techniques.  So, I thought it would be helpful to write an overview of some of the best ones. As the name…

Does Underglaze stick to the kiln

Does Underglaze Stick to the Kiln Shelf? Avoid Melting Problems

If you have made your first piece of pottery you may be wondering enthusiastically about how to finish it.  You may have heard that glazes melt and if you aren’t careful they can weld your pottery to the kiln.  Perhaps this has left you wondering does underglaze stick to the kiln shelf in the same…

The difference between underglaze and glaze

The Difference Between Underglaze and Glaze

Underglaze and glaze do have some shared properties and functions.  However, there are significant differences.  After a bit of investigation, I discovered the following: Underglaze and glaze can both be used to decorate a piece of pottery.  The difference is that underglaze is applied before a clear glaze.  It is easier to use underglaze for…