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pinch pot mug

Pinch Pot Mug – 2 Ways to Make a Mug Without a Wheel

Making a pinch pot mug is simple, and like anything the more you practice the easier it will become. Once you have mastered the pinching technique you can get creative and find your style.   In this article, I will show you my two favorite ways to make a pinch pot mug.  This is a…

how thick should a pinch pot be

How Thick Should a Pinch Pot Be? – Pinch Pot Walls

Making pinch pottery is very tactile.  As you pinch your pot you will feel the thickness of the clay between your fingers and thumb.  But just how thick should a pinch pot be?  Exactly how thick you want your pinch pot to be is a matter of personal choice and taste.  However, there are a…

Pinch pot history

Pinch Pot History – A History of Pinch Pots Over the Years

Pinch pots are one of the oldest ways of making pottery.  There is evidence that pinch pot history starts many thousands of years ago.   The simplicity of the technique has survived over the millennia.  When I discovered that pinch pots were being made as far back as the Neolithic era, I was oddly reassured. …

how to make a pinch pot

How to Make a Pinch Pot – 3 Ways to Make Pinch Pots

Pinch pots are one of the easiest and fastest ways of hand building pottery.  Once you have mastered the basic pinch pot technique you can use it to make a lot of clay projects.  So, I thought I’d write a step-by-step guide on how to make a pinch pot. In this article, I start off…

what is leather hard clay

What is Leather Hard Clay? And Why is it so Useful?

Before it is fired, clay goes through three distinct stages.  The first stage is when it is soft, plastic, and workable.  The second stage is when it is leather hard.  And the third stage is when it is bone dry.  This article is all about leather hard clay.  So, what is leather hard clay and…

make a clay coil

How to Roll a Clay Coil – 12 Tips for Making Perfect Coils

The first step in making coil pottery is learning how to roll a clay coil.  This might sound simple, and of course, in some ways, it is.  But, it is also a bit of a skill.  When I started making coil pots, I was surprised by how tricky it can be to roll a clay…

how to make a plaster hump mold for clay

How to Make a Plaster Hump Mold for Clay – Easy Drape Molds

Plaster hump molds for clay pottery are relatively expensive to buy.  But they are extremely easy to make.  And you can make beautiful pottery with a hump mold, very easily.  Here is how to make a plaster hump mold for clay.  Plus, how to make a lovely drape mold pottery bowl with your DIY mold….

hand building pottery without a wheel

4 Ways to Make Pottery Without a Wheel – Hand Building Clay

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