is bone china expensive

Is Bone China Expensive? – The Price of Ceramic Beauty

Porcelains range drastically in terms of quality, design, manufacturing process, and price. One type of porcelain that is very popular is bone china. It is the most elegant and opulent dinnerware material, with a dazzling white color, high transparency, and robustness. It brings high-end classical and contemporary style to any table. But, with its reputation…

bone china vs porcelain

Bone China Vs Porcelain -A Close Look at the Differences

Since bone china is technically a type of porcelain, it can be difficult for some people to distinguish between the two. However, several key differences exist. This article compares bone china vs porcelain, looking at some similarities and differences between the two. The key difference between porcelain and bone china is that porcelain does not…

is porcelain oven proof

Is Porcelain Oven Safe? – Using Porcelain in the Oven

I admit it, I’m a thrift store junkie.  Recently I picked up a beautiful second-hand porcelain dish in a thrift store.  It’s certainly large enough to cook a casserole in, but it got me wondering, is porcelain oven safe?  So, I looked into it carefully and discovered the following… Modern kitchenware that has been made…

Best Pottery Clay for Beginners

Best Pottery Clay for Beginners | Choose the Right Clay

Choosing the best pottery clay can feel daunting for beginners. This article has pictures, a video, and a FREE checklist to help you make the best choice.

The difference between ceramics and pottery

What is the Difference Between Pottery and Ceramics?

The number of different terms in the pottery world can feel overwhelming, so I wanted to start out by looking at the question what is the difference between pottery and ceramics? Ceramics are made out of inorganic and non-metallic substances that become insoluble when heated.  Unlike pottery, not all ceramics are made of clay.  Also,…