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  • how to keep clay flat and stop warping

    How to Keep Clay Flat – 16 Ways to Avoid Warping

    Flat pieces of clay, are prone to losing their shape and curling up when they dry or when they are fired.  This can happen regardless of whether they are large or small.  And it can happen to hand-built or wheel-thrown pieces.  So how do you keep clay flat once it’s been formed? You can help…

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  • How much is Rookwood pottery worth

    How Much is Rookwood Pottery Worth? 6 Deciding Factors

    Rookwood pottery is one of the most iconic brands of the American Art pottery movement.  It is loved by many, but how much is Rookwood Pottery worth?  Perhaps you want to buy some Rookwood, or maybe you have some pieces that you want to sell.  Either way, it’s essential to have an idea of the…

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  • Rookwood Pottery Marks

    Rookwood Pottery Marks – How to Identify Rookwood

    One way to identify a piece of pottery is the maker’s marks which are usually on the base.  Rookwood Pottery marks have changed quite a bit over the years.  And it’s helpful if you want to get hold of some Rookwood pieces to know what to look out for.  Here is the information you need…

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  • how is Rookwood Pottery made

    How is Rookwood Pottery Made? Art, Craft, and Science

    Rookwood Pottery is a celebrated part of the American Art Pottery movement.  It was founded in 1880, and over the years the techniques used to make Rookwood have evolved.  But how is Rookwood pottery made?  And how have these techniques changed with time? During its history, Rookwood Pottery has been owned and run by a…

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  • The History of Rookwood Pottery

    The History of Rookwood Pottery – An Extraordinary Tale

    Rookwood pottery is one of the most famous and well-respected brands of American pottery.  The history of Rookwood pottery is a captivating and dramatic story.  With Rookwood pottery still being produced today, the fascinating story continues to unfold.  Here are some of the highs and lows of Rookwood since its inception. The History of Rookwood…

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  • pinholes in pottery glaze

    Pinholes in Pottery Glaze – 6 Causes and Simple Solutions

    Pinholes in pottery glaze are one of the most common glaze defects you will encounter.  They can be tricky to resolve because they are often caused by more than one factor.  However, through a process of elimination, you can often find the main culprit and fix your pinholing issue.  It may just take a bit…

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  • are pinholes in glaze food safe

    Are Pinholes in Glaze Food Safe? – Keep It Or Trash It?

    Pinholes in pottery glaze can ruin the look of a piece.  They are a pest and a disappointment when you unload the kiln.  But a more pressing question is whether pinholes in glaze are food safe.  Can the affected pots be used, or do they need to go into the trash? It’s often said that…

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  • too much glaze on pottery

    What Happens When You Put too Much Glaze on Pottery?

    Applying glaze is a learning curve.  It can be tricky to control exactly how much you apply.  This article is about what can happen if you put too much glaze on pottery. If you put too thick an application of glaze on pottery, several things can occur.  The glaze may crack and flake off as…

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  • why is pottery important

    Why is Pottery Important? 7 Ways It Has Changed the World

    At the moment, pottery is enjoying a surge in popularity, with many people embracing it as a creative outlet.  This can sometimes eclipse the vast history of pottery and its incredible influence over thousands of years.  But how has the humble pot changed the course of history over the years and across the globe?  And…

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  • glaze not sticking to bisque

    9 Reasons Your Glaze is Not Sticking to Your Bisque

    There are many different reasons why your glaze is not sticking to your bisque pottery.  Maybe it looks fine when you apply it and it is damp, but it flakes off as it dries.  Or maybe it’s simply rolling off the bisqueware as you try to apply it.  Luckily, there is always a solution, it…

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  • how much is delft pottery worth

    How Much is Delft Pottery Worth? 8 Things to Consider

    Delft pottery has a rich history and it is certainly sought-after among collectors. But exactly how much is delft pottery worth? The value of delft pottery depends on a number of factors and these affect the price considerably.  Some pieces will sell for a few hundred dollars and others will fetch a price in the…

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  • delft pottery plates

    Delft Pottery Marks and How to Spot Them

    Pottery marks can be a good way of helping us to figure out where and when a piece of pottery was made, and who made it.  Delft pottery marks are no exception and can be useful in enabling us to establish the history and value of a piece of Delftware. The Delft pottery factories started…

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