Wheel Throwing

  • Air dry clay on a potters wheel

    Can You Use Air Dry Clay on a Potter’s Wheel? – My Review

    The benefit of air dry clay is that it doesn’t need to be fired in a pottery kiln.  But can you use air dry clay on a potter’s wheel?  Or are you better off using it for hand building? Some air dry clays are made out of materials that feel and behave like plastic.  These…

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  • which direction should a pottery wheel turn

    Which Direction Should A Pottery Wheel Turn?

    If you are new to using a pottery wheel, you may notice that many of them have a switch that changes the direction that the wheel turns.  But which direction should a pottery wheel turn, and does it make a difference?  It’s often recommended that right-handed potters have the wheel turning counterclockwise and that left-handed…

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  • What height should a potters wheel be

    What Height Should My Potter’s Wheel Be?

    My first pottery wheel was a budget wheel with short legs and was quite low to the ground.  I was surprised by how much lower it was than the wheels I’d used in class.  It got me thinking about what height a potter’s wheel should be.  Wheel height is a matter of personal preference, and…

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  • why does clay go off center

    12 Reasons Why Clay Goes Off-Center When Opening

    We have all been when we are learning to throw.  We are sure that the clay is centered. It’s looking good and it feels smooth and even.   Then moments later your pottery is wonky and bumping around beneath your fingers.  So, what is going on?  Why does clay go off-center? and what can you…

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