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Why does pottery clay crack when drying

8 Reasons Pottery Clay Cracks When Drying – 11 Solutions

Pottery clay cracks when drying if some parts of the piece dry out more quickly than others. When clay dries, it shrinks. If one part of the clay is shrinking faster than the other, this puts an internal strain on the pottery. The clay cracks to cope with the strain.

Stack and Slam wire Wedging guide

Stack and Slam Wire Wedging | Your Wrists Will Thank You

If you have any trouble with your wrists or hands you will probably find wedging clay difficult.  I have carpal tunnel in both hands, and I find most wedging techniques impossible.  Stack and slam wedging is a godsend for me and makes wedging a possibility.  Plus, it’s actually quite enjoyable! Stack and slam wire wedging…

How to make pottery without wrist pain

How to Make Pottery Without Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can sabotage your pottery work. Here are some simple and effective changes to your technique that may help you carry on potting.

How to make a damp box for clay

How to Make a Damp Box For Clay

Life is busy and having somewhere to store half-finished pottery for a week or a few days is handy.  You may have heard about a helpful piece of pottery kit called a damp box and wondered what it is.  In this article, I will explain what it is and how to make a damp box…

How to recycle clay

How To Recycle Clay

Clay that you buy generally has the right water content.  Also, it is free from debris and air pockets.  However, potters generate waste whilst they work.  To save money, it is possible to recycle clay.  How to recycle clay is also a good question at a time when we are more conscious of the environment….

How to wedge clay

How to Prepare Clay for Pottery

So, you are getting ready to throw your first pot on the potter’s wheel.  You have heard that it can be difficult to center clay on the wheel.  And you have heard about pottery exploding in the kiln because the clay ‘wasn’t quite right’.  You are probably asking yourself how to prepare clay for pottery…