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is bone china vegan

Is Bone China Vegan? – And is it Ethical or Cruelty-Free?

Bone China is an expensive and sophisticated type of porcelain that is meant to exude richness and great prestige. However, since it literally contains the word bone in it, a lot of vegans have questioned the ethics behind its design and manufacturing.  So, is bone china vegan? The truth is just as the name suggests…

is bone china expensive

Is Bone China Expensive? – The Price of Ceramic Beauty

Porcelains range drastically in terms of quality, design, manufacturing process, and price. One type of porcelain that is very popular is bone china. It is the most elegant and opulent dinnerware material, with a dazzling white color, high transparency, and robustness. It brings high-end classical and contemporary style to any table. But, with its reputation…

bone china vs porcelain

Bone China Vs Porcelain -A Close Look at the Differences

Since bone china is technically a type of porcelain, it can be difficult for some people to distinguish between the two. However, several key differences exist. This article compares bone china vs porcelain, looking at some similarities and differences between the two. The key difference between porcelain and bone china is that porcelain does not…

what is bone china

What is Bone China? – The Truth About Bone China

Ceramic products were initially invented and widely used in China before spreading globally. You might have come across the name bone china while shopping around for kitchenware. But what is bone china exactly, and why are its products costly? Bone china is a type of ceramic made from finely ground bone ash mixed with feldspar…

pottery kiln for beginners

Pottery Kiln for Beginners –12 Tips on Buying an Electric Kiln

Buying a pottery kiln can feel a little overwhelming.  There are lots of models and types of kilns and it can be hard to know where to start.  So, what is the best pottery kiln for beginners?  This article aims to look at your options and help you decide which kiln will suit you best….

how long do kiln elements last

How Long do Kiln Elements Last? – How Many Firings?

One of the inevitable costs of owning a kiln is changing the elements now and then.  But how long do kiln elements last?  And how much will it cost each time you need to change them?  These are good questions if you’re trying to work out how much it’s going to cost to maintain your…

what does a potter do

What Does a Potter Do? A Day in the Life of a Potter

If you like making things out of clay, you may have thought about honing your skill and becoming a potter.  But what does a potter do?  And what is their working life like day-to-day?  Here is all you need to know about the work and life of a potter.  And what you can expect if…

is porcelain oven proof

Is Porcelain Oven Safe? – Using Porcelain in the Oven

I admit it, I’m a thrift store junkie.  Recently I picked up a beautiful second-hand porcelain dish in a thrift store.  It’s certainly large enough to cook a casserole in, but it got me wondering, is porcelain oven safe?  So, I looked into it carefully and discovered the following… Modern kitchenware that has been made…

what temperature to fire terra sigillata

What Temperature to Fire Terra Sigillata? | What Works Best?

If you are starting to use terra sigillata, it’s most likely that you have made your own batch.  But perhaps you are wondering what temperature to fire terra sigillata.  After all, if you have made your own, you won’t have any manufacturers firing guidelines!  There is quite a variety of opinions about the temperature to…

salt glazed pottery

Salt Glazed Pottery – All About Salt Glazing, Past, & Present

Salt glazing has been around since the 14th century.  And though it’s no longer used as an industrial way of making pottery, it is still popular amongst individual potters.  Small craft potteries still produce beautiful salt glazed pottery.  In this article, I dive into how exactly salt glaze pottery is made.  I’ll also look at…

Stoneware vs earthenware

Stoneware Vs Earthenware – How Do They Differ?

In the field of pottery, there are lots of different types of ceramic ware.  Very broadly, ‘ware’ is a term used to refer to pottery objects, in their different stages of being made.  You may have wondered what the difference is between stoneware and earthenware.  This article will compare stoneware vs earthenware, and in particular,…

kiln wash on the kiln floor

Kiln Wash on Kiln Floor? – Does it Protect Your Kiln?

When I first looked into kiln maintenance, I heard it was advisable to put kiln wash on the kiln floor.  Whilst I could understand the point of this, painting anything on my kiln made me feel nervous.  Kilns are an expensive piece of kit and I didn’t want to ruin the kiln brick.  So, I…